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Vehicle Maintenance Services at Nordstrom's

Vehicle Maintenance Services at Nordstrom's

At  Nordstroms Installation, Automotive Repair and Service Center, we can recommend and provide maintenance services to help extend the life of your car.

We use quality Justice Brother Car Care Products and professional fluid exchange systems from Terraclean.

From an oil change to a complete flush, wheel bearing service to brakes.
Nordstroms Installation, Automotive Repair and Service Center can take care of all your Auto Repair and Maintenance needs.

Fuel System Cleaning at Nordstroms

Why clean your fuel system?

Good question. As miles are put on an engine unburned fuel and carbon start to accumulate in the engine combustion chambers, on the back of valves, and clogging develops in the injectors. All of these things lead to reduced engine efficiency. When this happens fuel mileage starts to suffer and hard starting or other driveability issues can occur. Regular cleaning of the fuel injection system at Nordstroms Installation Center with our professional TerraClean System and Justice Brothers Products can help keep you engine at peak efficiency so you are not wasting extra money on fuel costs. If you could save just 1 mile per gallon over an entire year of driving imagine how much money you could save.

For more information articles and tips about vehicle maintenance visit www.underthehoodshow.com where you will find many car tips from their national newspaper column.

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